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Proper Care for your Kitty

Proper Care for your Kitty

Some people don’t realize the care that kitties need. Kitties can survive on their own with little or no care in some environments, but if you want your kitty to have a happy and fulfilling existence here are a few tips to take care of her and her needs.

Photo used under Creative Commons license: Lawson, Traci. OM NOM NOM. 2009. soopahgrover's photostream. flickr. Web. 2 Dec. 2012.

Photo used under Creative Commons license: Lawson, Traci. OM NOM NOM. 2009. soopahgrover’s photostream. flickr. Web.


Keeping your kitty clean helps to keep her healthy but also keeps her from scaring away potential friends. Proper cleaning of your kitty includes external cleaning only. Be gentle when cleaning your kitty and make sure to clean around all her outside folds. Avoid internal cleaning, which can cause health problems by taking away some of her natural chemicals.

Health Care:

It is important to have regular check-ups to ensure proper health, as well as additional check-ups if she has been put at risk for catching anything.  Some signs of illness are easily evident while others may not be noticeable at all. Some kitties mask illness very well.

If you notice any lesions, unusual discharge or foul smells, take your kitty to the doctor right away. Many conditions are easily treatable or easily managed. If you allow her condition to worsen, it could result in permanent effects.


Some people prefer kitties to be groomed a certain way. Whether you choose to groom your kitty or not is a matter of personal preference. Kitties do shed a bit so some people find that gentle brushing or combing occasionally helps to remove the loose hairs. This is generally more important just before a petting session.

If you have a hairless kitty, be aware of the potential for ingrown hairs and take appropriate precautions. Ingrowns can be quite painful for kitty’s sensitive skin.


Kitties get hungry from time to time, whether it is for a large serving or a small one. Make sure you have enough liquid to help smooth the way. Make sure that whatever is going into kitty’s mouth is clean or she could end up with an irritation or infection.

Sometimes kitty’s insatiable need to stuff her mouth will seem almost distracting. Make sure that you are still aware of what goes into her mouth and that you use the proper precautions with each item. Some items are not suitable for kitty’s mouth while others need to have a coating or dressing to ensure her safety.


Most kitties enjoy play time. Some kitties are more active than others. The activity level varies from kitty to kitty. Contrary to belief, kitties do not lose interest in playing as they reach their senior years so make sure to give your kitty some attention even as she ages.

You may want to play with your kitty alone or bring someone along to play more games. Playtime is healthy exercise for your kitty and also helps her to stay happier by releasing certain chemicals when she is having fun.

Photo used under CC BY 2.0 Photo by Eirik Newth. WINTER CUDDLE. 2007.  Eirik Newth's photostream. flickr. Web

Photo used under CC BY 2.0 Photo by Eirik Newth. WINTER CUDDLE. 2007. Eirik Newth’s photostream. flickr. Web


Like any being, kitties need affection. Give your kitty the appreciation and love that she deserves. Some people don’t give kitty the full benefit of loving care, or are ashamed to pet or love her. Become acquainted with your kitty and what she likes. As you get to know each other better you will find it easier to make her happy.


Overall, enjoy your kitty. Treat her like a princess and cherish her. Be attentive to her needs and best interests. She will thank you for it and your feeling of satisfaction will grow with her appreciation.

Happy Petting 🙂


originally posted February 2010