Common Concerns

Many people who have concerns feel that they may be alone in their challenge. You are not alone.

This is a list of some common concerns, but is not exclusive.


Personal Concerns

  • Body Image and Self Esteem
  • Questioning/Negative Perceptions or Beliefs about Sexuality
  • Sexual Comfort – Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Loss of Interest or Desire
  • Sexual Fulfillment
  • Sexual Trauma


Relational Concerns

  • Dating and Courtship
  • Intimacy and Relationships
  • Communication, including Sexual Communication
  • Alternative Lifestyles
  • Swinging, Polyamory, Open Relationships


Physical and Anatomical Concerns

  • Sexual Anatomy and Development
  • Orgasm Concerns, Inability to Achieve Orgasm
  • Painful Sex (including Vaginismus, Dyspareunia)
  • Lubrication
  • Erectile Issues (including premature and delayed ejaculation)
  • Ejaculation Control
  • Sexual Safety
  • Sexual Education and Information


Developmental Concerns

  • Physical and Emotional Changes
  • Maturation and Aging
  • Disabilities and Different Abilities
  • Communication about Puberty


Experiential Concerns

  • Sexual Experience
  • Sexual Skills
  • Virginity
  • Masturbation
  • Fetishes and Kinks
  • Sexual Practices & Preferences